• Slegers greens are packaged, still living in nutrient rich, organic soil, fresh with chlorophyll from the sunshine they received in the greenhouse;providing you  with vitamins, minerals and living, active enzymes supporting healthy digestion.

  • By eating them shortly after cutting them you receive maximum value of these  benefits. 

  • All you need to do is snip, rinse and serve them.           

       They taste better this way.                                                            They are better for you this way.  

  • Since they are living in soil, some people choose to plant them in a garden or keep them growing on their counter top.  They will grow  both of these ways with a lot of daily TLC,  as they need to acclimate to their new environment (keep soil moist if you attempt this).  Our intention in selling it to you living in soil is to provide you with the benefits of living energy and freshness by eating it as soon as possible after cutting.

  •  It is like any other green, herb or lettuce you see in the store, meant to be eaten when taken home, only better because it is still living.


  • Cooking destroys enzymes in food. We recommend eating our greens raw in order to receive their full benefit

  • At Slegers, we concentrate all of our energy towards growing and packaging the perfect living plant.

  • Bring living energy and freshness right to your kitchen with Slegers Greens.


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