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Introducing the Zippy Pack (6-pack bagged) Watch out it's spicy!

The Zippy Pack is designed for foodies who like to live on the edge! All of our Zippy Pack products have been hand-chosen to pack a unique bite of bold flavours to add to your homemade recipes.   Have fun creating in your kitchen.

You will receive one unit each of six of the following items:
-Ruby Streaks Mustard
-Upland Cress

-Daikon Radish

-Pepper Grass Cress
-Lemon Balm

We cannot offer custom orders at this time. Feel free at the time of pick up to select items from our retail store to add to your purchase. We keep sanitizer beside our cash box for your safety. 


Thank you for supporting us as we endeavour to make our products accessible and convenient for you to pick up. Please be assured that we are maintaining procedures to help keep our retail store a safe area from covid-19.



Jo & Pauline Slegers & the Slegers Greens team.

Zippy Pack (Our spicy 6 pack)

  • We recommend that you consume Slegers Zippy Pack items within a few days of purchase to enjoy them at their ultimate nutritional benefit and freshness. Store in the fridge with the plastic bag on.

    You can also continue to grow the Zippy Pack items although, we recommend consuming the larger leaves first, then store on your countertop with the bag off, providing sunlight and water as needed. Store on a saucer and add water to the saucer, draining excess water after 10 mins. Add water again when soil is dry to touch.

    We believe products sold living are safer, more nutritious and tastier than products that have been cut.

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