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About Us     

Jo & Pauline Slegers

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Fresh out of Agricultural college in 1987, Jo Slegers built his first greenhouse and started growing Boston lettuce. Pauline became involved in the management of the business with Jo shortly after they were married in 1991.

Over 30 years they have evolved in many ways; from changes in growing techniques to diversifying in over 30 products. Determined to perfect their products to meet a competitive market. They now carry four major product lines in their greenhouses:

Micros Greens, Greens, Lettuces, and Herbs.

Jo and Pauline Slegers have devoted their lives to Slegers Greens and enjoy the lifestyle of living on a family farm with their 3 sons and their dog, Phoebe.


In 2004, we officially became organically certified, after many years of interest in organic growing, and many trials to find the perfect technique that would be effective and compatible with our system.

We believe that:

  • Our organic Greens are healthy for consumers to eat.

  • Our way of producing our greens is safe and conscious of the environment.

  • That we have a healthy workplace for our staff and family to work and live in.



Slegers Greens is located in Strathroy, Ontario, just minutes off of the 402 corridor. We are a 25-minute drive to London and only a 2-hour drive to Toronto and  Windsor. Being a small family farm we appreciate selling our greens locally.  We sell our greens to wholesalers, restaurants, specialty retailers, health food stores, and organic box sale customers throughout Ontario. We also sell our greens at our farm gate retail store for customers in our local community to purchase directly from us.

All of our staff live in Strathroy and the surrounding area which supports our local community's economy. Our proximity to you, coupled with the fact that our greens are sold living, means that our freshness and quality are unsurpassed!



In order to meet the requirements to receive and keep organic certification status we continuously improve our processes and develop new growing environments, but we don't stop there. We stay ahead of the curve by continually innovating. We're always looking for better ways to grow and package our greens. For over a generation of experience we have created a huge repertoire of growing knowledge. We however; still appreciate the wisdom's of traditional growing techniques to help us keep focused on the basics of growing healthy food.

You can always look to us first to see what's new and exciting in the organic greens category.

Our goal is to grow the best possible greens for you to enjoy!

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