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Care & Storage

We recommend that you consume Slegers Greens within a few days of purchase to enjoy them at their ultimate nutritional benefit and freshness. Simply Snip, Rinse and Serve.

We recommend keeping all Lettuce. Greens and the majority of Microgreens to be stored in the fridge with the packaging on. After purchasing, if the product appears to be dry please water it using the product care instructions below.  When the product appears fully hydrated replace the packaging, and put it in the fridge.

The following items need to be stored on the countertop: all Herbs, Microgreen Basil, Microgreen Amaranth, Microgreen Beets, Microgreen Shiso, Catnip, and Cat Grass.

To care for your product on the countertop: 

  • take out of the packaging 

  • keep it in indirect sun

  • if the environment is extremely humid provide air circulation to prevent fungal growth

  • water it when it feels light and dry

    • place in a saucer

    • water the soil keeping the leaves dry

    • let access water drain into the saucer

    • drain the saucer after 10 minutes to prevent root rot

Cat Grass and Catnip

Keep your Cat Grass and Catnip fresh for your cat by following the above product care instructions. Catnip does better when kept on the dryer side, prune off flowers to promote bushier growth.

We believe products sold living are safer, more nutritious, and tastier than products that have been cut.

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