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Retailers and Distributors


      Consumers can enjoy Slegers Greens at home by purchasing them from high-end retailers and box sale companies. Our greens can be found at:


· Remark Fresh Markets London and Windsor

· Angelos’ Italian Market, London

· Farm Boy’s across Ontario

· Cheese Boutique, Ripley Ave. Toronto

· Havaris Produce, Covet Garden Market, London

· Select Sobey’s, across Ontario

· Whole Foods, GTA

· The Big Carrot, Toronto

· Ambrosia, Toronto

· Nature’s Emporium, Toronto

. Goodness Me, GTA

· Fiesta Farms, Toronto

· Stubborn Farmer, Beaverton

· Fresh City, Toronto

Brandner Farms, Ruthven

· Anna’s Flowers, Kingsville

· On the Move Organics, London

·Sarnia Produce

. Joyce Produce, London

. United Floral

. Healthy Planet

. Whitecrest Mushrooms

Pfenning’s Organics distributes Slegers Greens to many Health Food stores and Box sale companies across Ontario. If you can’t find what you are looking for at a health food store near you ask the store if any specific items from our large selection can be ordered for you.


If you are a retailer or chef that wants to carry Slegers Greens please contact us directly or contact any of our excellent distributors.


Gifford's Produce

Snow White Produce LTD

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