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Slegers Cat Products


Slegers’ Catnip is certified organic so you are giving your feline friend a safe, pesticide, and herbicide-free treat.  

Catnip is a species from the mint family.  It contains Nepetalactone, an essential oil that approximately 50% of cats have a hereditary sensitivity to. The trait emerges when a cat is between three to six months old.  

Catnip and your cat’s senses:

The first sense that responds to catnip is smell. Cats take a whiff and get excited and “happy”. They may react to catnip by rubbing and rolling in it, they may become hyperactive, flip around, meow or growl. Don’t worry it is not addictive. After about 10 minutes they will lose interest. The next sense is taste. Often after eating catnip, cats mellow out and have a relaxing nap.  

As with all good things, moderation is the key. Be mindful of overindulgence and trust your cat to know when they have had enough. You can reintroduce it again at a later time.

To care for your catnip, keep it in direct sun for at least six hours. On extremely hot days place it in the indirect sun so it doesn’t struggle and stress too much. Water it when it feels light and dry: Place in a saucer, water the soil keeping the leaves dry.  Let access water drain into the saucer and drain the saucer after 10 minutes to prevent root rot. Don’t worry if you forgot to water it and it seems too dry, catnip is happier on the dry side and can bounce back once watered. If the environment is extremely humid provide air circulation to prevent fungal growth. Prune off flowers to encourage bushier growth.

Cat Grass


Slegers Greens’ Cat Grass is certified organic wheat grass. It is high in chlorophyll which will helps keep your cat healthy and happy and keeps their breath fresh. Cat grass provides folic acid, trace minerals and many micronutrients such as vitamins A and D. 

Cat grass benefits even well-fed cats.  Cat grass provides roughage that aids digestion and elimination. High in fibre, cat grass helps cats either throw up hairballs or it helps them digest hairballs easier by acting as a laxative. This results in more regular gastrointestinal tracts, less hair balls, and a less likelihood of constipation which makes for a happier cat. 

Cats are instinctively attracted to cat grass.  Some cats simply like chewing grass! It can provide them with an entertaining activity!

Slegers Certified Organic Cat Grass is a safe alternative to outdoor grass as it has not been treated with pesticides or herbicides.  Giving our cat grass to your indoor cat provides a healthy, safe and delicious way to bring the joys of the outdoors to your pet.

As with all good things, moderation is the key! Your cat will likely choose naturally on their own to only eat small amounts of cat grass at a time. 

To care for your cat grass, keep it in indirect sunlight and water it when the container feels light and dry.   Place in a saucer, water directly on top of soil, let access water drain into the saucer and drain the access water from the saucer after 10 minutes to prevent root rot. 

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