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Slegers Greens has been certified organic since 2004 and is annually inspected by, a  C.F.I.A. approved verifying body.


Choose your growers wisely and ask questions before purchasing.

If the label contains the word organic look for the certifying body that has approved the certification on the label for proof of this claim.  

To comply with organic standards we have proven that we are pesticide and herbicide free, use organic fertility and soil inputs and organically certified non genetically modified seeds.

Certified organic soil has a diverse balanced microbial environment that encourages a superior nutritional value in the plant resulting in a stronger, healthier, and safer food.

Slegers has put the effort into growing certified organic greens because we know you want to serve and eat the healthiest, finest quality, and tastiest greens possible.

Choosing Slegers greens is mindfully choosing to prepare and eat food grown with integrity. 



Since our first food safety certification in 2013, Slegers Greens has always made it a priority to operate our greenhouses with the highest standard of food safety compliance. Our staff are fully trained on all food safety requirements and on the importance of making food safety an integral part of every input involved in growing our greens.  


Slegers Greens embraced the process of becoming Food Safety Certified. Our ongoing effort to maintain strong food security within our greenhouses has provided safe food for consumers and many refinements to our business practices.

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